Number bar using iOS

Be nice to have a number bar to use when entering call. This way do not have to jump to number panel and back to letters.

I agree, it slows down data entry to do that during a pileup.

I use an alternate keyboard with numbers. Works great.

On the iPad I swipe the QWERTY… keys from top to bottom to insert a number. No need to toggle between numbers and letters.

But it is error prone. An artificial number row would be a nice touch.

Most of the time I use an external Bluetooth keyboard where the number keys are readily accessible.

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Installed xKeyboard. Works great

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great idea to have the numbers above the text (i believe qrz has this). After using the app for the first time yesterday with my iphone (103QSOs). I was using a headset and a remote ptt which made it very simple ---- icing on the cake would of been to have the numerals right there - (I would not carry a extra keyboard for mobile ops, i typically use paper but wanted to go digital - great app and love the active feedback and updates I have seen in the last couple weeks!!)

I posted this in a similar thread. This is what the QRZ app keyboard looks like on my Iphone.