Numbers when entering

Jarrett…This was mentioned to me online. I guess it is with small devices. If you are entering a call, or a park number, Is it possible to keep numbers up on the on-screen keyboard?
So for my call (KD2E) I would just type K-D-2-E. Currently, you have to type K-D-numbers-2-E. Same with the Park id.
I checked this out, and it is NOT a problem with my iPad, but IS an issue with my Android tablet. I suspect it is also an issue with an iPhone (small).

Yeah I’m looking into this. I don’t think I have a way with the framework I’m using to alter the ios Keyboard, so I’m looking into placing a virtual keyboard of numbers above the keyboard when it’s open if that makes sense.

I understand… And to add…ios on my iPad does not exhibit this issue, but my Android tablet does.

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