Occupied Frequency Warning

If you input a frequency, and you somehow have an active cell phone signal, it would be incredible if the app told you that a fellow POTA activator was on that same frequency. Obviously this would require you to be polling a spotting network, specifically the POTA spotting page. Not certain if this is even possible. But it’s been more than once where I go scrolling through the current Activators, and see that there are 2 of them using the same frequency. Obviously they are not hearing each other, but it has got to create issues for hunters.

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That’s a dope feature. If I’m allowed to use the POTA spotter API like I’m doing for for popups when you’re spotted, then this would be easy to implement.

yeah, that spot popup is what got me thinking of it. Also, and this is getting into basically absorbing the POTA spotting page… you could have a dropdown on the “Their Park” box, which would be a list of whatever parks are currently spotted… which would then fill in all of the activator’s info, their frequency, band, mode, etc. This would be incredibly useful for P2P.
All of this requires cell service, which I have about 50% of the time on activations, but man, that would be incredible.

Also, I all but guarantee that they would be open to spotting from your app. The developers there seem to be very open. If you’re not on their slack channel, I highly recommend it.