POTA Spot Feature

Currently waiting to hear back from the POTA folks regarding if they’ll allow me to consume their API. It’s currently open, but that doesn’t mean they meant it to be, so I figured I’d ask first. Anyway, I thought it be cool to see if you’ve been spotted in-app.


That would be sweet! Will we be able to self-spot as well (assuming there’s an Internet connection)?


Yeah I should mention, you’ll need an internet connection for this to work :slight_smile:
I’m not sure about self spotting. If they’re API will allow it, it’s an easy add and I’ll for sure do it. But they might not allow it. They might not even allow me to use this end-point in which case I’ll just have to write something to scrape the spot page to get the data. We’ll see on that.

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They’re pretty flexible and friendly. Hop in their Slack. I’m sure they’ve heard of you from Jason KM4ACK. :wink:


Did you ever get a response from the POTA team about the API and any documentation? I understand the API exists out there…is there anything else out there we can consume?

I’m wanting to add more functionality to a Node Red POTA dashboard I’m working on.