Old iPad... Is it possible to install HamRS?

Greetings from KG43eu :slight_smile:

I would like to use an iPad for field use (mobile screen is too small and do not wish to take notebook portable). Apple demote their old products over time which eventually become obsolete. Can anyone please advise if obsolete status prevents applications from being installed OR perhaps HamRS requires a model ‘x’ or newer? Do not have funds or desire to buy into a later model iPad and also not that keen on choosing the Android option. Your thoughts, suggestions and advice welcome. Many thanks in advance.
Nigel ZS6RN

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It doesn’t depend on the the device as much as it does which version of iOS you’re on. Do you know which version you’re on?

Hi Jarrett, thank you for responding.

At the moment I do not own an iPad but the oldest that I have seen available (iPad 2) are running iOS 9.5 (ish), certainly not iOS 10. Later models will naturally support later versions but there is another factor and that is being able to access the Apple App Store. I have a suspicion that older iPads are essentially prevented from downloading applications but I am not sure, maybe its just updates to the OS that are unavailable hence posting the question.

Another option I am considering is to perhaps run HAMRS on a Raspberry Pi (am already exploring using a Pi3) and then use VNC to access the Pi provided an older iPad can run a VNC client (the Pi runs a VNC server).

Or maybe just build a Raspberry Pi tablet!

Good luck with sorting out the data loss (logs) issues and thank you for all your efforts at developing a logging application that has the potentials to become the de-facto standard for field / portable operating.

Stay SAFE!