OmniRig Integration

I understand that rig/cat control may be a bit of a beast, and for sure there are much higher priority items that should take precedence (db). But would it be possible to integrate something like OmniRig? That may be a bit easier than attempting to support the entire gauntlet of possible radios.
The spotting integration + OmniRig support would be awesome for both activating and (P2P) hunting!

I agree, OM. I don’t really care about full CAT control…but it would be great if HAMRS could read frequency/mode. :smiley_cat:

Yes! When I get to the rig integration feature, it will definitely just listen to a UDP server that Omni or Flrig or something easy to work with provide.


Omni Rig seems pretty easy for the end user. I prefer it over FLrig but it depends on which is the easier to interface with HAMRS.

Dave - VA3CP

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