One 2fer split, another not

I worked 2 2fers today. HamRS split one of them into 2 contact lines, but not another. Any thoughts as to why? HamRS entered the comma when I typed a space.

As you can see, it split AA4XX parks into 2 entries, but not KD2ZZA’s 2fer.
This caused pota upload to give a warning.

Be sure to put a space after the comma when entering the park numbers. Sometimes, it seems to do that if you leave the entry box (like changing frequency) then go back to it. I usually add the Their Park number last and hit Enter to save the record.

Michael WA7SKG

I can try that. once i entered K-1612 and hit space, hamrs automatically entered the comma, so I figured that was good enough. I’ll try that next time.

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