Option: Disable automatic time field, use prior entered date

HAMRS is a bit awkward to use if you are entering log entries not in real time. You have to manually correct the time and date for each and every entry.

It would be very nice for after-the-fact logging to just repeat the prior time and date for the next new entry. Most other logging programs can do this as an option.

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Thumbs up from me, too! I’ve read a few comments about this on the POTA Facebook page–entering a log after an activation can be time-consuming when you need to enter the date and time for every QSO.

Same here inputting a paper log, ability to persist a manually entered time/date.

I’d like to see this too.

As a plus I do like the date entry that I can tab into a specific month/day field. Having it retain the last entered date/time would make it much easier when coming over from paper.