Optional Activation-Wide ADIF Fields - Pop-Up

Hello again!

The idea fairy continues to float around. I know the list is growing exponentially but wanted to get this in the queue if there is interest.

I could be wrong, but I suspect that most users intend to use HAMRS to log in a portable setting but plan to use another full-featured logging program as a permanent logging record. Personally, I prefer to import my ADI files into Log4OM for my own permanent reference.

With that in mind, it is often helpful to have many of the other optional fields incorporated into the field logging software so few, if any changes need to be made post-export. Fields such as the rig, antenna, power level, my grid square, my county, a QSL message, and a handful of others are “nice-to-have” fields.

I share Jarrett’s interest in keeping HAMRS simple and fast to use. Consistent with that approach, I suggest adding a pop-up list of additional commonly-used ADIF fields that would be applied to the entire log upon export. This would NOT slow down data entry since these fields wouldn’t be attached to each individual QSO entry. Instead, they would be appended to each record at the time of export. And if a user chooses to leave any or all of the optional fields blank, they would simply be excluded from the exported ADIF.

My current solution is to enter these optional fields into a spreadsheet, concatenate the field names and content into a single text line (using Excel string functions), then copy/paste those into the ADI file with a text editor using a search-and-replace-all feature. (I replace the <eor> at the end of each QSO entry with the additional content.) A screenshot of my Excel sheet is attached.

Request this capability be considered for a future release.