Park Description and Grid Incorrect

Hi I activated a new park today and when I came to enter my logs it gave me the wrong park description and park grid. The park designator is VE-2264

VE-2264 Parc Léry-MacDonald Recreation Park this is what it is supposed to be.

This park was added this week. It is a new park maybe the database is not up to date


To my knowledge the internal park database hasn’t been updated since the latest release of HAMRS. Hopefully @jarrett will update it before pushing out the next version.

I just got 3 parks added to the system and 2 have the incorrect info and the other has no description


Yep. Until the HAMRS park database is updated, park details won’t be logged in HAMRS…

I usually cross reference grids before activating because so many parks encompass more than one grid. I change my grid according to my activation location within the park. I use the QRZ Grid locater for the pre-check. Just an FYI of how I do things.

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