Park Lookup for newly added parks?

Where does HAMRS look up information for the “My Park” field?

It seems to be unable to identify parks recently added to the POTA database.

I’m assuming that HAMRS must have a list of parks built because the park name and data for most parks appears to be available immediately when a user types in the park number even when the user is not connected to the internet.

But how - and how often - does this database of parks get refreshed? POTA is adding new parks all the time - not so much in North America, but in DX entities. Current version of HAMRS seems to be unable to look these up.

HAMRS uses an off-line database to look up park names. The only way to refresh the list, in the current software design, is for @Jarrett to release an updated version that includes the latest data set from

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Thanks … I was imagining it was something like that. Thanks for confirming.

Does have an API that could be used with an on-demand update process? I think that would be ideal - folks could update the park list at home via a menu item before heading out.

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I’ve noticed the same failure to id some dx and Caribbean entities on the QSO map

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