Park Number with MY_STATE_INFO

When entering the MY_SIG_INFO, or SIG_INFO, allow for a state to be entered. Most Trails and Parkways are in multiple States. It would be nice if intend to activate, for example; Trail of Tears, could be activated in Tennessee, and again 15 minutes later in Arkansas. Same Park Number but a new activation because your in a new state.

I agree this is needed.

Strictly speaking, at least in the way the POTA database is currently configured, the regional POTA coordinators don’t need the state to be included as a discrete field in the ADIF file. Simply identifying the proper state at the time we submit the log is sufficient (in the submission email or in the name given to the ADI file).

However, for our own records this is valuable information to have. It’s also helpful to be able to enter the other party’s state for accuracy’s sake if they happen to be operating from a location other than their home QTH (P2P or otherwise). That has been mentioned in another thread as well.

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You are correct. However if I wish to see the activations I made on the “Trail of Tears”, by state, there currently is not any other way for me to import this into my HRD Logbook. I ha e to create a MY_STATE column then import. WD4T