Park to Park no saved

Using 11.2 on iPad. Entered There Park, when finished, hit enter key. All saved ok except There Park. There Park did not clear on maim panel. But, not add to next QSO. Erased by backspacing.

I wanted to try this on my iPad but can’t quite decipher what you are seeing/experiencing. Can you offer more details? Does 0.11.3 fix it?

Set up log for POTA. That populated correctly. Worked a few, hit enter, all good in log. Get a park to park, work, enter there call and There Park, then hit enter (using Bluetooth keyboard), log correct, lookup correct, NO There Park in log. There Callsign is cleared and ready for next, but “There Park” still populated. It will remain there till manually deleted.
I did not notice till after several entries. Even though There Park still there, not down loaded to log.
Just now removed app from iPad and reinstalled 11.3. I was able to replicate the same.
All works great, but “There Park”. Frank

Very strange. I haven’t been able to replicate this on my iPad.

Pointing to something with my iPad. I will be working on that.

im having the same problem with my ipad mini 2… most recent ios it can update too. It populates everything into the log except their park number. I can click edit on the log entry and add their park number but it does not do it on the original entry. It also does not clear their park number from the box for the next qso but does NOT add it to the actual log. I have deleted the app, redownloaded it, powered off/on ipad etc. Same problem…

  1. enter log info and also enter their park number and log the qso
  2. their park box still has previous info in it, it does not clear
  3. check the log and their park info is missing, everything else is correct
  4. can edit the entry and add their park number and it stays

I have just been writing down call sign and park number and then when my activation is complete, going back into the log and editing the qso to add their park number.

@Dewayt If you start a fresh log with the Parks on the Air template, fill in all of your information first (freq, your park, etc.), and then enter a QSO with the “Their Park” field populated, does it work? I’m wondering if one of the logs somehow got corrupted.

Can you take a screen shot and post it here of the main entry screen immediately before you save the QSO (with “their park” entered) and immediately after you save the QSO? Then edit the QSO and take a screen shot of that one, too.

This is a very odd error and I can’t figure out why it would work on my iPad but not on yours. With a little trouble-shooting maybe we can help @Jarrett figure out how to fix this. I’m a beta tester on the iPad version and try to catch things like this whenever I can. (It’s fun to try to break things… evil grin)

Also, can you confirm which version of HAMRS you are using and what iPad OS version you have?

yes its odd behavior. I have seen others post about this same issue so I know its just not my ipad doing it, I understand yours may work. I do not have the ipad with me, im at work, however it is an ipad mini 2 and it can only be updated to the 12.5.3 version. I have confirmed with a new log, entering info, does the same thing. I can certainly see why it would work on your ipad and not mine, i do not get the behavior with my regular ipad air 2 or my ipad pro, this is an older ipad mini 2 only updated to 12.5.3… the question is… what feature of the ios version difference would make the “their park” not populate to the log when everything else does.

@Dewayt Interesting. If the only real difference is the version of iPad OS you are using, then that’s likely the culprit. How to fix it? No idea. We have to defer to @jarrett.

I’m sure having to deal with older versions of operating systems adds quite a bit of complexity to the developmental effort. And your iPad Mini 2 is three versions behind. :frowning:

@dewayt Well, guess what? I was able to replicate this on my older iPad Air running iPad OS 12.5.4.

So this definitely appears to be OS-related.

I just updated iso on my iPad (A1474) to 12.5.5. Deleted HAMRS app, reset iPad, then reinstalled HAMRS 0.11.3. Started new log. Logs normally.
Add PtoP or Their Park, and enter. Logs all but Their Park. Their Park remains in entry block until it’s erased. You can continue to make contact entries and Their Park remains, but not add to log.
iPad with keypad is a great tool for logging in field. Using mini laptop or iPhone. Hope y’all can resolve this issue!

yes sir… just not sure what it could be, thats certainly something for @jarrett to look at. Like i said to resolve that problem, I can keep notes of the p2p and then go back and edit the contacts via hamrs and it will let me add their park number and it stays in the log. I only use my ipad mini when I want to go minimal with some qrp rigs, with my larger bags I just carry my Ipad Pro. Im thinking about grabbing the Fire Tablet 8 HD to carry instead of my ipad.