Persistent Comments Field [CONFIRMED]

On the iPad Pro, if I type something into the Comments field and finish entering the QSO, the Comments field persists into the next QSO. Pressing the “Clear” button doesn’t clear the Comments field, either.

Is this by design? I occasionally enter the other party’s name or other information in the Comments field – and oddly, the next person contacted ends up having the same name. :slight_smile:

My recommended solution would be to add a “sticky” button next to the comment field. Check it and the contents persist into the next QSO. Unchecked = it is cleared fresh every time.

In any case the “Clear” button should clear the Comments field, as it currently does for the Call Sign and the Park.

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Yup. That’s a bug. Good catch thank you! I do like the idea of creating a simple feature to make some fields ‘sticky’, but for right now I’m going to fix it not clearing.

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Saw that while doing an activation yesterday. It was annoying and slowing me down during the pileups, so I stopped adding notes.

I activated two parks yesterday (one was an all-time new one) and this app worked great for me on the iPad. Fortunately (?) propagation was weak so the QSOs were coming in a little slower than usual and I had time to manually clear the Comments field between contacts. :slight_smile:

Fixed in 0.9.9. Worked beautifully for me during yesterday’s park activation.

Thank you, Jarrett!

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