Place HAMRS on my laptop

I have the program on my desktop but would like to have it on my laptop to take in the field. It’s not clear to me that there’s a field where I put my name and password to bring up my past logbooks on my laptop. It’s probably simple, but I’m not seeing it.

until now there is no function to synchronize. You have to re-create everything there

DD6FM - Marco

No option to export/import, either.

Until @Jarrett retools the database, as mentioned in his 0.11.4 update notes, I personally would NOT use HAMRS as a primary log. For me it is a means to quickly log everything in the field, and therefore serves as a temporary repository to log and export to my POTA coordinator.

I export everything to ADIF and import into my permanent log (there are many robust logging apps available) on a home PC / network for long-term reference, awards tracking, QSL uploads, etc.

That process also means that I have no reason to transfer logs between devices. And it gives me peace of mind knowing that a corrupt HAMRS database won’t impact more than a single activation log, if I happen to be one of the unlucky ones experiencing that problem.

I am thinking along the same lines. I use paper to log my POTA contacts then use HAMRS to transfer the file to the POTA app. I was hoping HAMRS could be a permanent logbook, used on both my laptop and desktop, because its such an easy program to use.