Pota Adif format export

Tried searching for a thread on this. Will there be plans to export logs in adif instead of adi? Just trying to save a step in not having to upload to another logbook in order to export in the accepted format for pota submissions.

ADI is ADIF btw.

Some programs put the file format ending as ADI some put ADIF. Most likely because its a common convention for file format endings to be 3 letters.

Ah good to know. I had a log kicked back to me from the pota upload person because it wasn’t .adif. Was hoping to just fire off the log to them and not have to reexport to send.

You can easily rename the file yourself if you have file extensions showing. But it shouldn’t matter. I upload .ADI file to my coordinator no problem. In fact the last activations I did through HAMRS I simply exported the ADIF and emailed it straight to the coordinator without touching it. It was reported to have imported just fine with zero errors.

I sent .adi files to the pota coordinator for my area normally, (most of the times manually wrote adi files.) Last time I used hamrs and had an issue with the time being weird. (It doesn’t like it when you add seconds into the time field xD)

As adif files are literally the same text as adi files I have no idea why you would have to reexport them. (Also .adi is the offical file format ending according the the group that actually writes the ADIF spec. https://www.adif.org/ )

I guess my coordinator is a stickler for the rules. I’ll try the renaming of the extension route next time around.

Perhaps something was missing from the contents of the log itself, and the coordinator was conveying that it wasn’t truly in the ADIF format as a result? For instance, maybe the band was missing in your file?

I’ve never known anyone to send a log with a 4-letter extension in the file name. In fact, I don’t personally know of any logbook applications that save an ADIF file with .adif (they must be rare though… KD9KCK mentions above that some apps do).

.adi works quite well with the POTA upload utility.

The example file name in the POTA FAQs uses .adi:

It is MANDATORY for your ADIF file name to include the call sign, park number and activation date. (e.g. KA8H@K-1515-20201127.adi)