POTA Changes - New 2-letter DX Prefixes

POTA is in the process of changing the 2-letter DX/Country codes for park identifiers.


Will there be an update for the HAMRS app to recognize these changes??


I hope they do, otherwise HAMRS will be pretty much useless.

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Yes, please make an update, specially for the mobile version.
Portugal references have been changed already and the app does not yet recognize the new references (from CT to PT).

73s de CS7BEK, Francisco from Lisbon, Portugal


Hasn’t been an update in 2 1/2 years. I inquired about the new parks added back in September of ‘23 and told “not in the near future”.

I expect the same here unless the developer’s knew this change was coming from POTA.

However, I activated yesterday and had several P2P with Canada using the VE on HAMRS. POTA converted them automatically to CA.


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You can still enter the park number, but HAMRS won’t find the corresponding name, state, or grid square.

I plan to continue using HAMRS during activations for its overall simplicity and convenience. But certainly an update would bring back the capability many enjoy having.

Please update HAMRS to include the POTA changes. Can do it by editing adi files but should be done as a service to all of us that have used, bragged in, and recommended this software to others. Please help us.

Reading a new thread it seems a bit more work. The example was the new prefix for Canadian parks put them in Chile. There’s going to be a lot of work, especially for p2p, to clean up after the fact.

I don’t know if HAMRS having the wrong park info will affect the uploads to pota.app, but my log of record is N3FJP (I export HAMRS, import N3FJP). To keep that accurate I would be forced to do the clean-up. If the info is wrong, it just might not be worth it to use HAMRS and just log directly into the pota template for N3FJP.

Doing clean-up on they fly (esp p2p and hunters) will slow things down and doing them after the fact is prone to error.

If the developer actually put out a statement about an update coming soon, I missed it. Everything I’ve seen is just speculation from other folks that they heard/read it somewhere. Certainly, a sicky announcement here would be of benefit.

It still works just fine for POTA upload. Its just a text file. POTA does not care about the park name or the grid or other location stuff. Lots of people use ACLOG and of course that does not pull in any park data in real time either. If you really need it for other logs, just change the grid/state/county when you setup the log before the first contact.