POTA grid square/state ID

While completing an activation this past weekend at K-0654 National Capitals Park in DC, all qso’s were populated from my side as fm18mu logging the state to MD. I tried using both QRZ and HamDB and both had the same outcome. By manually changing the grid to the correct FM18mv did not correct the state to DC but left the state section blank. I’ve already contacted POTA and they show the park in DC and MD in the system, trying to check if its a misuse of the software on my side or the POTA system. Thanks.

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Aaron, when activating a park, your own grid square and state are not pulled from QRZ.com, HamQTH, or HamDB.

The grid square and state are retrieved from the POTA database:

Since there are two states associated with that park, and MD appears first, voila…

You can and should change the grid square and state to match your actual location if those fields matter to you (such as for LoTW, QRZ, or your personal log records).

HOWEVER, when submitting to POTA, it doesn’t matter. POTA ignores the grid square and state fields. You need to tell your regional coordinator which state you were in. You can identify the state in your file name, like this:



Received and resubmitted. Thank you.