POTA Log Discrepancies

For the HAMRS users submitting logs to POTA, I saw a recent Facebook post from one of the area coordinators saying that logs submitted from HAMRS have the highest incidence of being rejected. The errors are a result of the logs missing required information. “Band” is the required field that is missing most often.

To make it easier on the coordinators and assure your log is accepted, please, please, please verify that your log lists the band for each and every QSO.

HAMRS doesn’t always enter the band for you, particularly if you leave the frequency blank. There are no error-checking routines or default values for this field.


Unfortunately, you can’t easily verify the band is present by scrolling through your log on-screen. Frequency (not a required POTA field) is shown in the table but band (a required POTA field) is not.

So you will need to open and edit each and every QSO to verify this, or export the ADIF and open it with another logging program or the ADIF Master utility (Windows only) to check the log before submitting it.

yes, I posted it here at the beginning of June, this is an error and the band is not written correctly in the log file. That hasn’t been fixed yet… because also lotw will reject it then

I think the band is written correctly, but if the frequency is left blank HAMRS will not populate the band field. And entering the frequency later when editing the QSO doesn’t populate it, either, and poses the risk that the end user will enter it wrong (e.g. incorrectly enter the band as ‘40’ instead of ‘40M’).

HAMRS really needs some field validation.

Personally, I NEVER submit my log directly to the coordinator from HAMRS. I always check the log with ADIF Master first.

Here’s a link to that utility:


In my LogFile down here in the posting you see that the band is only written in the first place and log … Frequency stays the same and the Band is not written in the further logs with other calls

I know that happened in the generic template and continues to be an issue in the field day template, but the POTA template works fine on my device (iPad).

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I just wanted to pop in to say I’ve got this on my radar. As @KZ3L said, this was a problem on the FD and generic templates, but didn’t know it was affecting POTA as well.

I would recommend you change the QSO log display list to show band instead of frequency, since that will allow the activator to verify the required information is present.

The POTA template works fine on my device as well, had a log submitted with out problem. And I only entered freqs when I change what freq I was on.

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