POTA Park Prefix Rename & HAMRS

My apologies if there is another thread going on this already, but I’m wondering if HAMRS will be updated to work with the new POTA park prefixes which is due to begin later this month?

Does anyone have any information on this?

Many thanks.

Mike on Ham Radio Tube talked about HAMRS and this change yesterday https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HT9vCvchRUU

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Thank you for posting that link.

Is there a quick answer so we don’t have to listen to him?

As I understand all you have to do is enter the new park # example US-3052 and when you upload it to Pota web page it will upload just fine. WQ9V

Tnx 4 link to Mike. As he explains it, the sun is still going to come up tomorrow.

IS there a way to edit the existing date base that Harms comes with.
IE change VE- to CA- as global search find and replace.

K- to US- of course.

Just curious—what value would this add?

Right now, Hamars will not search and update which park you are in.
IF I enter K-1234 it will, but not US-1234
Same for all countries.

Steven VE3PTA

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