Preferred Name field and offline callsign lookup

Would it be possible to add a name field in the template to add to the log? Also a number of the parks i activate have no cell service. Can we add a way to lookup callsigns when we get ready to upload the log to verify the calls are correct?

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I also would like offline callsign lookup.

I have another logging program that downloads a database that facilitates the lookup when offline. You simply hit the “Update Offline Database” every month or so when connected and update it. Not sure if this is do-able, but it works well.

I did my first activation with Hamrs on my iPad pro this past weekend, really really like the app!!

+1 to offline lookup, though isn’t this possibly getting into a situation where each user needs to input their QRZ account info? Or how is that being dealt with?

(I’m fine with having to put in my QRZ subscription info, just wondering if they have some allowance for basic lookup info in your app)

I use Ham Radio Deluxe for me log book. HRD has a Bulk QRZ lookup feature. I simply import my activation the do the Bulk Lookup, then export the file for submission. 73 WD4T

Another vote for the ability to download the FCC database and have offline lookup when without cell service. The ability to confirm the contact by looking up the callsign and seeing the name matches what the other ham said, or to say “Thanks Jim” to confirm you copied the call correctly and the contact is in fact Jim, is helpful.

Regarding online lookup, I don’t know where you’re doing the lookup but many of us pay for high speed, unlimited lookups through QRZ and other services. We’d like to be able to select the online service that’s being used and likewise choose if the lookup will be online or offline. If my cellular Internet connection is slow or flaky, I would just choose offline lookup.

So I am curious what you’re using for the online lookup. If it’s the FCC, this probably isn’t a good idea. Using a service like QRZ, etc. which is designed for high volume automated lookups is better.
Anything you can do to remove dependency on public website is a good thing. :slight_smile:

Thanks for an awesome app!


Currently using QRZ for live lookups. I’ve pulled the FCC DB, and will be able to use it for offline look ups, but I need to build a script to pull the FCC DB weekly, parse it into something I can use, and then give you a way in-app to update it. It’s in the works.


Thank you so much for this app. I’ve tried other loggers and they’re so complicated that in many cases I can’t figure out how to actually use them. I appreciate all the advanced functionality, but if I can’t start with simply adding, deleting and editing a previously logged contact something is wrong. I don’t think it’s just me. I look forward to the day I figure them out and can use all the awesome looking advanced features. For now I just need something simple and elegant that gets the job done. But in the future, I’ll still need something simple when operating portable. HAMRS is both functional AND attractive!

I love how your app is available for so many operating systems. Windows, MacOS and iOS are all I need but I appreciate the addition of Linux and Raspbian! I will definitely be using Linux and/or Raspbian at some point.

I’m going to check your website for a way to send you some coffee money!