Problem downloading files via GMail

Since April of 2023 I have activated over 100 parks, and until about a week ago, I was able to move the adi files from my IPad to my laptop using gmail. Now, when I try to do that, the email will not accept the HAMRS file as an attachment. Do you have any idea why this is happening?

Thanks for any help you can give me. I have 5 new activations I want to download, but can’t.

Jody Huneycutt

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Are you using Gmail as your mail client on the iPad, or are you using the built-in mail app?

Some email clients don’t like the .adi extension.

I have used this wonderful software for over a year with Zero issues. Yesterday I attempted to Export .ADI with no success. I have missed the last week + doing POTA. I have tried everything in the book to make it work :slight_smile:
I have not changed anything in my set up.
Thank You.

Yes Gmail ((G) New message)in - To comcast out. As far as I know there hasn’t been any " new changes" .
Tnx agn


I’m using the Gmail icon that pops up on the IPad as one of several choices of what to do with the adi file. I logged 85 POTA activations into HAMRS on my IPad and used Gmail to send them to my laptop, between April and Oct. 21 of this year, with no problem.

I have changed nothing, but since Oct 21, I can’t send the adi files via Gmail because when I try to use Gmail, I get a message that Gmail will not accept the adi file as an attachment.

Again, I have changed no settings on Gmail, IPad or HAMRS.

Google it and you’ll find a number of fixes for attachments not working with Gmail.


I upload my HAMRS .adi files to iCloud before I leave the park. No need to fool around attaching files to any email client. When I get home, I can import the files from iCloud into the desktop logging program and also upload directly to the POTA site.

Dave VA3CP

I was able to get the P.O.T.A to work again.
Instead of Xfinity Email I sent my .adi data with Gmail ((G) New Message) to Outlook Gmail using the same address but with a different Name.

Best I can explain it…

I don’t know if the iPad will let you do this. But this trick will work for ANY email app.

  1. Rename your .adi file, to add .txt to the end. So if you file is K2551.adi, rename it to K2551.adi.txt

  2. Send it as a text file, which will always work

  3. when receiving it, download it, and rename if back to K2551.adi.

Problem solved.

Jerry WF5W

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