Problems uploading HAMRS logs to POTA

My first couple of HAMRS pota logs uploaded to POTA with no problems, but the last two have failed to upload. In one of them the POTA upload page kept trying to specify the park I activated as one of the parks I had contacted park to park, and would not let me change or correct that mistake. In the current log, the POTA site is reading my call sign, K1DJ, as “K” and saying the callsign “K” is not registered. Last time, after trying and failing at various fixes, I ended up uploading the log manually. This time, unless somebody can tell me how to stop the app from reading my callsign as “K,” I will have to upload manually again. Both of these HAMRS logs have uploaded to LOTW without any problems. Help please?

Hmmm. I’ve never seen that happen. If you want, I can examine your log & see if anything weird jumps out at me. You can send it to my call at and I’d be glad to look through it.

First, are you using the POTA Template? That has all the proper POTA fields and has error correcting built in to fix most problems.

I’m not seeing any problems with the logs uploaded so far. Please forward your problem logs to me at for review and I’ll try to see what is up. As a support person, I get different error reporting during upload attempts that may shed some light on the issue.

Michael WA7SKG
POTA 7th Area Coordinator
POTA Helpdesk Agent

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