Problems Uploading to QRZ

Hi, this is my first attempt at uploading adif file to QRZ. It was unsuccessful and it gave the message “Insert error, Invalid 2-letter state code given FL,US” This is how the state code populated in the HAMRS software. Any suggestions?

Very odd—that’s never happened to me. I import my HAMRS logs to QRZ all the time.

A couple of questions for you:

  1. Which template are you using—POTA?
  2. What version of HAMRS?
  3. Which device or computer type?
  4. When you inspect your ADIF with a text editor, do you find this state entry for all QSOs, or only for ones that were Park-to-Park QSOs?
  5. What call sign lookup service are you using?

Please feel free to send your ADIF to me via email—I’d love to take a look & help figure out the problem. My email address is on QRZ.

Thanks for sending your ADIF to me.

You definitely uncovered a bug. The state abbreviations for parks associated with multiple states aren’t parsed correctly.

I’ll flag this in the review of the next beta release in case @Jarrett doesn’t see it here.

If you correct the state in your first QSO, it should be properly captured in subsequent QSOs. Otherwise you will need to edit each one individually or use an external editor on your ADIF before importing or sending it anywhere else.

Thanks for your work @KZ3L. What in your opinion is the move here? Go with the first state? Last? Neither?


Multi-state parks are definitely challenging since not only do you need to identify the state, but the POTA database only logs one grid square (which could be anywhere in the park or along a trail). Obviously you can’t mix and match. :wink:

Some options:

  • Most elegant (and preferred), but also most complex: Pop up a scrollable list of states associated with the park and let the user choose. Leave the grid square blank. Drawback: this may interfere with logging speed, and the pop up would be hard to manage when logging more than one park for the contacted party.

  • Middle ground: Highlight the State and grid square fields with a different color (yellow?) to indicate that it couldn’t be automatically populated, and leave them blank. (Don’t use red since that identifies mandatory fields.)

  • Simplest (least preferred): Just leave it blank.

Just my 2 cents… thanks for asking.

I think middle ground is going to be the way to go, at least for now.

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