Program freezes when I click the QSO map

It seems to be freezing when I try to look at QSO map. Noticed it yesterday during an activation on my Ipad and again today on a windows 10 machine.

Same is happening for me. All was working fine until Sunday. Running 0.10.7 on iPad Pro and MacBook Pro. Clicking the HAMRS map tab the program is becomes un-resposive for at least 45 sec +, then the map opens and shows my location near Africa, even though I have my grid entered. Also no QSOs for contacts made are showing up on the map.

I was playing around and found that qso maps still work on logbooks created in previous versions. My first activation was July 4th and that one still works. Also works for log created 07/17/21. Something changed 07/18/21…

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Thanks for the report, I’ll start investigating immediately.

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Thanks Jason. Love the app. I think part of the problem is that the callsign look-up tool isn’t pulling in the location info correctly. When I look up a callsign in HAMRS, it goes to a place over the ocean just off the coast of Africa. Hope that helps.

If it’s defaulting to that spot off of Africa, it’s because it doesn’t know your gridsquare, or lat/long from GPS if you’re on mobile. If you set your gridsquare and make a qso, it’ll correct the map to your grid.

I’m pretty sure my issue was because I didn’t give location privileges when I opened the app. I figured it got that by the park location

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Im getting the same error with lockup on QSO map. I also noticed that all entries have their auto lookup grid square to unknown.

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Sadly I need to add myself to the list of people experiencing the the same issue.
As I posted in an other thread HAMRS was my favorite app to log POTA contacts. Hopefully we can get an update without the bug soon.

Gil Villanueva

Happening to me too on my Mac (Catalina 10.15.7). It has my grid square but is putting me out in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Not showing the qso’s location either.

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