Proper 2fer or 3fr logging format

Going out to do a 3fer tomorrow. It’s a sota and 2 POTA entities and setting up everything tonight on hamrs. And kinda wondering how do I fill out the MY PARK block?

Should I do K-0000, k-0000


K0000,k0000 ?

What’s the proper way so the adif file doesn’t come out goofy?

Also when recording someone else as doing a 2fer or 3fer how do y’all log it?

Once again concerned about the adif coming out wrong.

HAMRS only allows you to enter one reference (park) for your own activation. So just enter one number. (Use the format K-####, with a dash.)

You will need to duplicate the log and replace the park number in the MY_SIG_INFO field in a duplicate log for POTA, and do the same for SOTA. You can make these changes via a normal text editor (search and replace) or ADIF Master on a PC.

If you get stuck, let me know. I know my way around an ADI file pretty well. :slight_smile:

Added: If the other park is a 2fer, just separate the park numbers with a comma in the “their park” field, such as “K-1234,K-1235”. HAMRS will auto generate another QSO for the second park.

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POTA expects you to create a separate log (adi) file for each park. So you might want to setup separate files in advance of the activation.

Further, they expect both adi files, in the case of a 2fer, to be attached to the same email when filing your activation log.