Purchase help please

Husband purchased app thru family sharing. I downloaded to my iphone. When trying to download to.my ipad, there is a charge of $4.99. No sharing? Help please .

Is your iPad configured for family sharing and logged into the same AppleID as your phone? Sharing is enabled for HAMRS so as far as I know it shouldn’t be any different than any other app that supports it.

My iPad is configured for family sharing and uses the same Apple ID as my iPhone. Any other suggestions? This is puzzling. Thank you for the reply!

Just a couple more suggestions (admittedly shooting in the dark here):

  1. Try rebooting your iPad

  2. Download a free app on your iPhone–any free app–and see if the “cloud” icon appears on your iPad indicating it was downloaded on another device registered as yours. You could also purchase a cheap app (.99) to test this, if there is one you need.

  3. If you have any other apps purchased on another device but not yet downloaded on your iPad, see if you are able to download those at no cost.

  4. In Settings | App Store, try toggling on auto downloads (see attached image).

  5. Make sure you have the latest version of iOS / iPad OS on both devices.

  6. Sign out of your account on the iPad and sign back in. (Be sure you have your password handy and correct!)

I have personally seen the cost of an app purchased on another device appear instead of the cloud in the App Store, but when I touched it, the app downloaded anyway without charging me. You can always try it anyway but there is a risk you will be charged again.

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