QRP only site, or a qrp template

Have you ever considered a logging website specifically for QRPR’s?

It could be similar to pota, where stations could post their call, band, mode, freq., grid sq., time, etc. to allow others to find and work them efficiently.

With all of the current interest in qrp, it could be a real hit. I wish I had the IT skills to do it myself.

If you felt so inclined, you could start a Discord Channel for that purpose. No I/T experience needed. Just the willingness to make it happen.

Creating a site like POTA is a huge undertaking of literally dozens of people. Even HAMRS is an unbelievable amount of code writing.


There is A QRP SSB Net that has a Facebook Page and meets on Friday nights on a frequency to be determined based on current band conditions. Check it out! QRP SSB | Facebook