QRZ and HamQTH will not verify on Android tablet

As the title says, the QRZ and HamQTH integrations do not verify.
Yes, the proper credentials have been properly entered for each site. I have logged into each site via web browser on my device without issue.
Yes, I have reliable internet.
When my credentials for these integrations are entered, the green box in the lower right of the window shows 3 dots moving back and forth, waiting, poliing, whatever its doing, but never am I getting the green checkmarks
that authentication occured. (Nor am I getting a red box - so weird)
Things I’ve tried;
I’ve deleted and recreated my profile.
I restarted my tablet.
I cleared the cache & database.
I deleted HAMRS and reinstalled.
I factory reset the tablet and reinstalled HamRS.
All with the issue persisting.

Any thoughts or solutions out there?

After much thought, I began to wonder if the Android Version of my trusty Samsung tablet was the isdue…

So took my trusty 2016 Samsung Android Tablet, running Android 7, and put a custom ROM on it, effectively upgrading it to Android 10 and then reinstalled HAMRS. All the integrations and other features now work properly.

This would tend to lead to the conclusion that HAMRS doesn’t fully function on an older device running an Android 7 version system.

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