QSL Card Checkbox in the Logging lists

I was thinking about if a “QSL Sent” checkbox could be added to the Logging lists. It would be great to have it so one can know what is the last QSL you sent out.


-Frank C.


I don’t think the intent behind HAMRS was to make it a full-fledged logging program. The design is much more oriented toward portable ops. Other apps are more focused on a complete logging solution—tracking QSLs, monitoring awards, etc.

I think most users import their logs to another app for those things. Personally, I bring my logs into Log4OM to serve as my permanent record, since it will upload and download eQSL, sync with LoTW, and of course track physical QSL cards.

But of course any additions such as your recommendation would be up to @jarrett to consider.

Kevin KZ3L

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