QSL Check Boxes in Expanded Mode?

What would you say to adding QSL sent/received check boxes to the “expanded” mode page?
I am now using HAMRS for all my POTA logging and it would be nice to be able to record the cards I receive and send, rather than keeping a separate record somewhere else.

I realize this can also be done by typing into the “comments” section, but check boxes would be easier, and is all the is really needed for a record.

Many thanks,


I don’t see that being the right place for them, especially since you kind of need those boxes after the fact, right? I could add them to the QSO edit form though quite easily.


I may have misrepresented the site for the boxes. I did go to the QSO edit for that purpose today.

I was under the impression that the field of the “expanded” was the same as the field that comes up for the QSO edit. Probably I’m wrong there.

You’re right of course that QSLs boxes are not needed for real time logging of the QSO. It will work just fine to have them show up in the “QSO edit” function.

Sorry for the imprecise language, I’m only barely program literate.


Perfect then! Sounds like we have a plan!