QSO counter in the qso field

Any way we could get a counter next to the qso’s? Maybe next to the time? That way we can see how many we’ve made at a quick glance.

Do you know there’s a QSO counter already in the top right corner? (big fan by the way… I’ve learned a lot from your channel)

See that right there is a perfect example of one of my biggest problems (of which I have many lol). I’ve been so busy at work and not spending enough time POTA’ing, otherwise I probably would have caught that. Thanks for the info. I’m gonna go crawl back behind the bushes and let the software people do their thing. I’ll stick to making YouTube videos lol. Thanks again and 73.


It’s one of my favorite features… I think there should be confetti that explodes on your screen when you reach 10 contacts… or 4 for SOTA.


Stop giving me ideas :wink:

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Well, if you’re considering it, perhaps a blood explosion would be cool, one that looks like it sticks to the inside of your monitor… there’s gotta be some roll20 animations you have access to… or, have a little animation of a beer mug filling up with each QSO… or for the iPhone and iPad, android phone, have it take a selfie of the operator at that moment… kind of like the rollercoaster camera.

Yes, I agree there should be a celebration once we hit 10. I’m all about a blood explosion!

BloodHamrs is a good band name.

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