QSO Map - No longer showing my location

Looks like today’s POTA changes from a ‘K’ prefix ‘US’ for US parks broke the QSO mapping. The QSO map only shows the pins of contacts. The green pin that shows the location of where I am operating is no longer showing. As a result, the lines from me to each contact are no longer showing.

Worked great yesterday, suddenly not working today.

Makes me sad. :frowning:

If you manually enter your grid square in the first entry of your log, all should work just fine. Make sure “Settings | Expanded Mode” is turned on so you can see the “My Grid” field.

Updated park list is coming soon so that should resolve all of this going forward.

Thank you. Much appreciated!

Oh, that’s good to hear! How do you know?

Sorry about that question, I was reading new posts sequentially and missed the big announcement!

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