QSO Map not showing QSOs

0.11 (2) Beta IPad Pro 14.6 IOS

Could be operator error but not seeing any QSOs on Map. Grid is shown correctly. Map completely blank.

QRZ correctly performs lookup when contact call sign is entered.


This is Mike (N9MS) QSOMAP.ORG developer. I just had a user with a similar problem. He uploaded his contacts but they didn’t show up. Looking at his ADIF file, I discovered that EVERY contact contained gridsquare:7Unknown which of course is an invalid gridsquare but my ADIF upload program assumes that it will only see valid gridsquares and attemped to change Unknown to a valid Lat/Lon, putting every contact in the same bogus location (somewhere up in Canada). Removing the Gridsquare from the contacts allowed the ADIF Upload program to use QRZ to look up the Lat/Lon and everything was OK.

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Same issue. The callsign look-up works, but its not populating the grid correctly. Its populating as “unknown”. I’m having to go back in and manually correct the grid squares for the mapping function to work correctly.


Alright, I’ll see why unknown is being set, that shouldn’t happen. Is this happening with any QSO, or using the POTA Spot Copier, etc?

@jarrett, did you end up changing your QRZ credentials, thus restricting access to currently-distributed instances of HAMRS?

IIRC, you mentioned that you were incorporating personal logins into the profile, to remain consistent with QRZ.com API requirements.

Unless a user has premium access to QRZ.com, and is logged in, I don’t believe QRZ will provide the grid square through their API.

I removed my credentials from the back-end server that was looking up and parsing results from QRZ. That server now uses HamDB - grid squares are hit and miss with that service. It will be crucial for everyone to update once 0.11.0 comes out, and enter credentials for QRZ or HamQTH, both of which should provide a gridsquare.


I just checked half a dozen calls on HamDB and they all listed the grid square as JJ00aa.

So it looks like the grid squares are definitely unreliable at HamDB.org.

Yup. Same here.


So, for a guy who doesn’t really understand computer speak, is there something I should be doing to fix this on my end?

I’m having the same issue UNKOWN gridsquare comes up in every QSO and map locks everything up. The UNKOWN gridsquare makes going back to fix each QSO a pain. After i realized it i had 300 contacts to fix. can’t wait for the 11.0 version :slight_smile: 73

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When is new version 0.11.0 coming out?

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Jarrett — good news. Just logged 20 contacts on an activation and all had their correct grids. Populated the map, too. Used QRZ.com



Hello! New guy here. So the app was working awesomely until about a week ago.

As others have noted,

QSO map shows nothing

When I click on QSO map tab it lags 20-30 seconds.

Grid square unknown

I love this logging app and hope it gets fixed quick!

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When is the new version of Hamrs.app coming out? this one is not working like before… 73

Its a shame this has been my go-to app for logging POTA contacts. Now app does not show contacts on the map (It used to two weeks ago) and the app freezes or acts very slow after I click on the MAP tab.
Looks like I will need to move to an app that works.

Gil V

I think the problem, and there will be a hotfix released soon, was inaccurate or malformed gridsquares that were dying when trying to convert them to lat/lon coordinates for the Map. 0.11.0 came out today and a patch is coming soon to fix that stability. Spot check some of the QSOs you might have in a logbook where you can replicate the freezing map issue - you might find some wonky gridsquares solving the problem.

It’s not working like it was because of the move behind the scenes to not being able to use my QRZ credentials to do lookups, so I had to move to hamdb.org, a free service that is hit or miss with gridsquare information. The version released today allows QRZ and HamQTH integration if you enter your own credentials in your profile.

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Creator of HamDB.org here. This should be resolved now. There was an issue with geocoding service I was using to get lat/long from street addresses. I switched to a new service and it appears to be correctly returning grids again.

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Holy cow! Thank you for hamdb.org!!!

If you are using QSOMAP.ORG and have Unknown Gridsquares, you can edit your ADIF file using Notepad and simply replace the Gridsquare entry with “nothing”. QSOMAP will then use the Lat/Lon from QRZ.