QSO Map Not Working All The Time

I am still curious as to why the QSO map shows some contacts and not others. It is very inconsistent, but lately I have not been able to get the map function to show all the contacts I make. Eve after I do a manual “lookup” the map will not show random contacts. Some times just the first few and then none others. I have tried to observe when and why it happens but cannot figure it out. Anyone else having this trouble? I use both the windows version and the Android version and it happens on both. I started a new topic becasue the other posts referencing this issue are closed already. Just looking for any updates on this issue and what, if any, solution has been successful.

For those contacts that aren’t showing on the map, is the grid square populating in their QSO entry after you look up the info?

And if it isn’t, what happens when you look up the other party manually via QRZ and type in the grid square yourself?

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I will need to look into that. I’ll try it and let you know what happens. I am travelling for work right now so make take me a few days till i get back home. But i will post an update. Thanks.

I have had that problem myself. I think a lot of the times it’s happened however are when there is no cell phone service to the park I’m activating. Had one the other day, though, that mapped some and not others.

I have had the same problem with the grid squares. They don’t pop up like they should you have to manually enter them to get them to show up on the map it’s slow, but you can get it done and then your map fills out.

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I had that problem. I changed my lookup to HamDb and fixed it. What I have heard is that if you do lookup on qrz and are not paying for the link into logging software it doesn’t map them all. If you want to go back and get complete maps on activations prior to the switch to HamDb, open the log and go to each contact and do a lookup. Tedious but it works.

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