QSO map not working iOS

First off like to say this app is awesome. Really enjoyed it and made my first 2 POTAs ever really easy and fun.

The issue I am having is the QSO map is not generating on my second POTA activation. The first activation worked just fine with no issue. But for some reason my second activation will not show the contacts I made on the qso map.

I never signed out/ killed the app between activations. Could that have caused the issue?

I normally don’t do post like this but this application is wonderful and want to see it keep growing.

Also small request. Dark mode for night time qso.

Do you have the “My Grid” field populated, and does every QSO have an entry for the other op’s grid square? If those are missing, I’m pretty sure the map won’t work.

I have mine loaded in. But didn’t get the others stations grid square. On my first activation I did not get the grid and it still populated the map.

I must have not had a internet connection when logging. At the first park I could type in the callsign and it would auto pull up the name.

i will watch it next time on sota… Yes, when I press the button, the time is set again

Huge fan of the app btw. I wanted to drop in here real quick though because I am having this same issue as above with the QSO map on the most recent release.
I am on iOS 14.6, I can update to 14.7 and report back if need be.
The QSO map is not showing anything, the grid square for all QSOs shows “UNKOWN” which is strange because I had an internet connection and all the other lookup date seemed to populate. I suspect parsing data from Hamdb is to blame?
My Grid square is correctly filled out. I did not see this issue until recently (within the last 4 weeks)