Qso map not working

Hello and thank you all for this wonderful software to make our lives much easier!!

I’ve done two activations so far and the QSO map has not worked on either one. I’m sure it something that I’m doing incorrectly. I search tje other threads on this but did not see a real answer. Any help would be appreciated!


@Ke0dsd Fred, which device and version of HAMRS are you using? And are you using the POTA template?

There are some problems with the mapping that I believe @Jarrett is fixing in an upcoming release. But the POTA template should work well for you if:

(1) You enter your own grid square accurately and consistently for all QSOs in your logbook. (Be sure to turn on “Expanded mode” so you can see your own grid square.)

(2) You ensure a grid square has been entered for every contact, either representing their home QTH as pulled from one of the database lookup services (HamDB, HamQTH, or QRZ), or representing the park they are activating (automatically inserted when you enter “their park” number.)

Otherwise, when you say it isn’t working, can you describe what is happening?

Thanks for the quick response!

I’m using my Android phone.
I was under the impression that if I was in cell service it picked up my location automatically? Is this not correct? I don’t think that I entered it. What about all the contacts do I need to add their grids too?

This is all that I get

Looks like your own grid square is populating as it should.

The other party’s grid can be populated by one of the lookup services. See (2) and screen shot in my post above.

Try changing the service if one doesn’t work for you. QRZ requires a login and premium service to get grid squares, and HamQTH requires registration and a login. Try selecting HamDB – that’s the one I use most of the time.

For existing QSOs in your logbook, you can select the gear symbol to the right of the QSO and “lookup” the info once you’ve selected the lookup service that works best for you.

0.11.4 fixes the mapping issues. Check it out!