QSO Map Only Showing 1 Contact

Why does my QSO Map only show one QSO in my Logbook, the 2nd QSO, but not the first or the other 24 QSOs? All other Calls are in the system okay and no other anomalies noted, I don’t see any options to toggle about wanting just one QSO to show up or how to get a different QSO to show up. I can’t try this on my Acer Chromebook, so am.limited to playing with HAMRS on my Google Pixel 7.

Thank you guys, Davey - KU9L


This is a pretty common question (addressed frequently on this board). It usually has something to do with the lookup service you’ve selected. In nearly all cases, the grid square for the other party isn’t being filled in correctly due to selection of a lookup service that doesn’t support it.

Can you check the QSOs that aren’t mapped to see if they contain a grid square? Also, is there something different about the one that did map properly?

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