Qso map qso with eu

I see that in QSO MAP…the contact with EU are not dispalyed ? can we correct ?

Which lookup service are you using? The only way to show contacts on the map is to enter the grid square yourself or to pull the grid square locations from a lookup service, and your mileage may vary depending on which service you use. HAMRS is subject to the limitations of the lookup service.

HamDB covers a limited number of countries. QRZ requires a pemium (paid) subscription to pull grid squares. I’m not sure about HamQTH – I think its reach is limited unless the other op has entered their own info.

If you don’t have a premium QRZ subscription and are trying to map a limited number of EU contacts, I would recommend looking them up on the QRZ web site and fat-fingering the grid squares into HAMRS.

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