QSO Maps Doesn't Work

Thanks for letting me join.

I’ve only been using HAMRS 1.0.7 for a short time but the QSO Maps function does seem to work. it doesn’t plot any QSO’s in my log.


Steve - AA5TB

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Make sure you have the Grid Square filled in. I had that same question when I started. :slight_smile:

This question is asked a lot. Grid squares (yours and theirs) are key… and theirs won’t be populated unless you are a paying QRZ customer with QRZ selected as your lookup service, or if using one of the others the other party’s country is included in that database.

Thanks for the replies. I have the QRZ lookup and my grid square turned on and populated. The QRZ information is populating the log with location data but I still get an empty map. KZ3L mentioned the I need to be a paying QRZ customer and I guess that is my problem. I thought if it was getting the other station’s information okay all was good. I don’t need the map feature, I was just wondering why it didn’t work for me.

By the way, I used this log for my Field Day for the first time and for a few hundred CW QSO’s. It worked great except for a couple of times when it locked up in some crazy mode when I accidently hit a wrong key or combination of keys. The main thing is that is that didn’t lose any information.

Thanks and 73.

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