QSO Time - Refresh automatically after entering call

Not sure if this is a bug or intentional, but here goes (iPad OS…):

During a POTA activation with a weak sunspot count (yeah, when does that ever happen?), there are sometimes significant gaps between QSOs.

The time field, however, retains the time of the previous QSO. On several occasions during yesterday’s ATNO activation I entered the call sign and realized afterwards that the time was off by 10-15 minutes due to a break in QSOs.

Would it be possible to automatically update the time when either (1) entering the call sign and tabbing to the next field, or (2) when hitting [RETURN] or pressing the Save button to commit the QSO?

Of course it isn’t hard to press the clock symbol to refresh the time stamp, but that is an extra step… and prone to human error.


I concur. I’ll add that UTC time always visible is one of my favorite features of VLS Logger (which HAMRS already blows out of the water). Having the current UTC time right in front of me on the log book scratches that itch.

I went back and forth on this when I was first building HAMRS. Originally it was a live clock, and that caused other issues. I really like the idea of it inserting the current type after typing in a callsign. That seems like a really good solve.


Were you able to make the clock refresh automatically or at least update itself when entering a new call?
If there’s down time in between calls and you forget to hit the update time button, that could be a problem.

I did. It’ll be in the next release. Entering something in the Callsign field updates the time.