QSO's not showing up on the qso map

I’m new to this logging software and one of the reasons I chose this was because it dropped a pin on the qso map for each entry, Unfortunately that isn’t happening. What am I missing? I am using QRZ for the database
Thanks, Ron

QRZ requires a premium subscription and log-in to retrieve grid squares, which are needed to map your contacts.

If you don’t have a premium subscription, HamDB is IMHO the next best option.

I am having the same problem, I did a POTA activation with 18 QSO’s and the pins on the map are populating on the map. I did a POTA activation on 2-14-2023 and it populated on the map just fine. Only change to my iPhone since 2-14 I upgraded the iOS to16.3.1 update. I have a Platinum account with QRZ. Any help would be appreciated!

I to signed up for the QRZ subscription but I tried the HamDB in the settings and it worked just fine. The only thing I found about that it didn’t seem to do DX stations. So I subscribed to QRZ and switched back to using that in the settings and everything is working fine. Hope this helps…

I’m a little confused on the issue you are seeing. The 18 QSOs populated on the map, and your contacts showed up in your Feb 14 activation too?

Make sure you’ve entered your QRZ login credentials in your profile AND selected QRZ as your lookup service in settings. With a paid subscription this seems to work for everyone, as long as your hunter also has a QRZ page.

By the way, note that park to park QSOs display the park’s location as captured in the POTA database, if you enter a park number in the “their park” field.


I did a park activation on 2-14 and those 11 QSO’s populated on the map. I did another park on 2-17 and those 18 QSO’s did not populate onto the map. I do not know why they didn’t show up. I switched to Hamdb and nothing showed up on the map, I switched back to QRZ and still nothing. Would love to see the contacts on the map!

Ah, got it. I think there was a “not” missing in the original post. :slight_smile:

It’s possible your Internet connection was bad during the second activation, or you selected the wrong lookup settings at the time.

If you are subscribed to QRZ, have your login credentials entered, and selected QRZ as your lookup service, go through each QSO and hit the gear symbol to get the pop up menu, then choose Lookup for each QSO in your log.

That should populate their grid square and allow the map to show those contacts.

Wow!!! You are brilliant!!! That was the ticket, map is now populated. Thank you for all your help.

Woohoo! Glad it works now and honored to have helped!!

The bottom line is the tool is looking for the grid square of the contact to make the mapping calculation. Often for DX contacts I just input their grid square manually and it plots just fine on the map. Same for any contact really if it does not auto populate. I love the mapping feature too!

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