Quick data entry for SOTA ops

Second SOTA activation yesterday using Ham RS, worked a dream again. However, there is one thing niggling over the data-entry which a competitor SOTA logging application does which is REALLY useful.

Tablets, when used in bright sunlight, require high contrast graphics so you can see what you’re looking at. No problem with Ham RS in that respect, but the iPad’s keyboard shift characters (/, -, etc.) are all low contrast and very difficult to see. To type them you swipe down on the keys, rather than having to press the shift key. This is a great time saver when trying log quickly, but you can’t see where each of the shift characters are.

The solution to this on one app is not to have to type them in. Providing you’ve told the app that your working a sota summit, you can type “G LD 051” (note the spaces) and it automatically converts that to “G/LD-051” by inserting the missing shift characters for you.

I think this would be complete Ham RS as a SOTA activation tool.

Great software; keep going - you’re doing an amazing job.


This might be a time / keystroke saver for POTA, too. A space could equate a hyphen for country-number; e.g.: K-0343.

I’ve been looking at this - as long SOTA reference follow a A/AA-### style format, I could auto format it pretty easily. I have a list of all of the references so I’ll take a look. I have a similar ticket for auto-formatting POTA park references.