Remember Expanded Mode toggle position

Hi Jarrett,

Would be nice if HAMRS remembered the position of the Expanded Mode toggle switch when starting a new session. Personally, I want that turned on each time I open the program.

Regards, Dave VA3CP

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Good call! I’m on it!


Did this suggestion get included in v0.11.0? It did not seem to be in 0.10.7
You replied Jun 13 to say “Good call! I’m on it!”

Dave VA3CP.

It’s in 0.11.0, but not in the build that is currently in beta. I wanted to test the larger features in 0.11.0, and will release another build shortly.

Sweet! HAMRS getting better all the time.

Dave VA3CP

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It IS! Because of you guys :wink:

Released in 0.11.0! 0.11.0 - Released

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