0.11.0 - Released

Big additions. Here’s a video rundown, and a change log:



  • Added QRZ and HAMqth lookups
  • Added ability to filter POTA spots by band and mode
  • Added abililty to look up operator information for all QSOs in any logbook
  • Copying a POTA activation performs a lookup for Operator name, and sets park grid and state


  • Get dupe alerts as soon as a callsign is found
  • Expanded mode setting is now persisted between sessions
  • Added Band to QSO entries table in POTA & SOTA Templates
  • POTA spots you’ve already hunted are now marked in green
  • QRT POTA spots now marked in gray


  • Fixed iOS bug regarding location permissions
  • Fixed bug with band not populating for all 60m frequency range
  • Fixed bug preventing multiple profiles from being created back-to-back
  • Fixed bug preventing band from persisting between QSOs on field day templates
  • POTA Spot copier wasn’t working when callsign service was offline
  • Power field is now persisted between sessions, and limited to numbers only
  • UTC Date wasn’t rolling over with time
  • Sanitized Logbook title to remove forward and backslashes
  • Looking up a park-to-park QSO after the fact no longer overwrites previous location info.
  • Editing a previous QSO frequency now automatically updates the band.
  • Fixed Frequency units on POTA Spot Cards/Table