Remember window position between program uses?

On Win10, if I have the window resized and moved to a corner of my screen, I close the program, and reopen it, the program ends up full screen again. Is it possible for hamrs to remember where the window was and its size?

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that’s something that would be wonderful for all of the versions. My interest would be for the mac version, but I also will be running this on a raspberry pi, and it would be great to have it remember (if that’s even possible)

I’m pretty sure I can do this. I know I can persist window size across sessions, I’ll look into placement.

Great! Thanks! I’m guessing there’s OS-specific nonsense that needs to be looked into.

Oh, yes there is! lol

Be careful with this. Say you’re on a laptop and close it while the laptop is connected to a second screen, dual screen setup or an ultrawide screen. You take that laptop elsewhere and try to launch the program with just the built-in screen, you’ll find the program has rendered off-screen somewhere. It’s usually recoverable by the user, if they have experience with the issue, but still a pain.

You’ll want to either include a canvas size detection at start-up to see if it’s different than when it was closed, or include a safe mode that checks for the Shift key being held at launch.

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Sounds like a reasonable precaution. I’m sure the programs I’ve used that didn’t get stuck offscreen have some mechanism like you’re describing.

Yes, this feature would be helpful to me. I am running the program on a headless Raspberry Pi 3B and the screen I use to VNC into the Pi is a 10" Samsung tablet and it is difficult to resize the screen and use other programs like fldigi, WSJT-X and JS8CALL.
Dave, KI8I

Has there been any traction on this request? I think it would be a great idea. Have it save position, and if the external monitor it may be on while working is not detected it will move it to main … just like it does with other apps in windows.