Repeat entries - highlight fields

I love the dup alert! What I would like is for fields to change in some way (highlight, a dot before or after. Color change font ,whatever) that are a match and stay persistent (vs the current alerts)

Minimally I assume it would have to match call sign… But that way it is obvious if I worked them before. Or them on this band or mode before.

Thanks for the app

I would like that too. The dupe notification does not stay on long enough for me or alert me enough - my eyes are always on multiple things and I miss the notification usually. I don’t actually catch the dupe until after I have logged and saved the QSO and then I see dupe down below, but would be best if I could see it right after typing in the call-sign up above. Anyway, its my favorite logging app and I have used (almost) all of them so far.

If you save the dupe, a yellow DUPE badge is placed on the entry in the table. I usually go back and clean these up after my activation, and make sure I’m good to delete them. I like the idea of doing something to the fields that persists along with the ephemeral dupe alert pop-up.

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