Request: Export as CSV

Could we have an option to export the data in CSV format so we may open the data in excel. Why? To analyze the data set. thx

If you can use Excel, you should be able to use ADIF Master, a free, excellent tool for dealing with adi files. It kind of depends on what kind of analysis you are interested in also. Remember, adi files are simple text files and can be opened with any text editor like notepad.
Not meaning to poo-poo your request, just offering other options than making big changes to the program for a limited number of users.


Poo-pooing? I haven’t heard that since my kindergarten class with Ms. Green where she told us to raise our hands to request to go to the bathroom. People don’t know what they want until you show them! Thanks for the tip with ADIF Master. I hope the team will consider CSV exports for easier implementation of data collecting. frank wc0o

Unnecessary, OM. Just download a free program, ADIF Master. It will allow you to view and edit you adif files and is way better than messing with Excel.

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Not true. Adif master is a windows only program. I use a Mac but I can open excel docs.


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