RST negative numbers for FT8?

Unless I’m missing something, if I’m on ft8 and I want to log signal reports, I can’t enter negative numbers off the current keypad. Am I logging my signals wrong?

Which platform and version of HAMRS are you using? I can enter negative numbers (e.g. -06) on my iPad.

Personally, though, I just grab the ADIF from WSJT-X and copy/paste the QSOs with a text editor into the HAMRS-exported ADIF. I then do a little editing with ADIF Master to clean it up.

That way I don’t need to type everything into HAMRS.

So I can see on the iPhone there is no negative key for RST. On the PC it isn’t t an issue, however since there’s a full keyboard.

As a possible workaround you could substitute a double 0. So 0010 would indicate to you a -10. Then you do a search and replace in the text editor of the exported ADIF file.

Another option is to go somewhere into another field or app and type the “-“ and select and copy it. When you need it for your RST simply paste it in then type the RST.