S2S SOTA...How to log correctly

When logging a S2S versus a normal QSO, do I only input ‘My Summit’ on S2S?

In other words, I don’t need to input ‘My Summit’ for non-S2S QSOs, correct? The filename of the HAMRS log indicates the summit, thus not needed for straight activator-chaser QSOs.

@W7MDN I’m not a SOTA activator (at least not yet), but after reading the guidelines for submitting a SOTA log via .csv file or ADIF, I am pretty sure you need to enter your summit number and theirs (if an S2S) for it to be credited to you in the file you upload. Your summit number is always required if you are activating.

The MY_SOTA_INFO and SOTA_INFO fields are where this information gets logged. I don’t think the file name you assign has anything to do with your SOTA upload.

In contrast, POTA doesn’t have a firm requirement to include your park number in the ADIF (recorded in the MY_SIG_INFO field). That is a recommended practice, but the regional activators manually enter your park number when they upload your file to the POTA server. That’s one of the reasons POTA is very specific on the format of your file name (CALL@K-####-yyyymmdd).

Kevin, thanks for the reply. I got it figured out. HAMRS is a great program and seems to be gaining more fans every day.

Logging for S2S and P2P was as you described. Thanks again.

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Awesome. Thanks for circling back here to confirm that.